Blue Pe Stretch Film

  • NH00636

Blue PE Stretch Film

What is PE Stretch Film?

PE stretch film, also known as nylon film, is a type of film produced from LLDPE(Polyethylene) by melting them at high temperature(about 190 degree C) and then putting them in a molds and cooling.

Many Color Options

Thao Phuong provides nylon film with multiple colors: blue, red, yellow, black. It helps packing, distinguishing and tracking goods more effective.

Advantages of PE Stretch Film

  • PE stretch film is used to wrap goods to protect them from harful agents from outside
  • Supple and good puncture resistance
  • Cost saving and increase productivity in packaging and exporting goods


  • Thickness: 13mic-28mic or base on customer requirement
  • Wide: 500mm(standard) or base on customer requirement
  • Weight: Base on customer requirement
  • Packing: 6-4 rolls( depending on the weight/roll)
  • Type of film: hand-wrap or machine-wrap

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