Heat-resistant adhesive tape NITOFLON NO.903UL

  • NH00582
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Configured specifications

Product  name  :  Temperature Adhesive tape

Width :  19mm

Thickness :  0.08mm , 0.18mm

Adhesiveness : 2.40N/10mm

Rewinding force : 4.4N/19mm

Operating temperature range : – 60 - > 200 C

Base Material  : Single – sided adhesive processed PTFE Film

Length :  10m

Colour  : Gray

Tensile Strength : 28.9N/10mm

FeaturesHeat resistant adhesive tape mainly coated with Teflon based material with silicone based adhesive.
Excellent in heat resistance.


Various coils, motors, lead wire heat resistant bundles.
Friction surface lining of the shoot and hopper.

Working Temperature: -60 to 200°C 
UL Standard Product


Base Material: Fluorine Resin(PTFE)
Adhesive: Silicone Type


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